Counter-Drone Radar System

A sophisticated defense system against unwelcome drones. The radar system prevents drones from flying into, over or landing inside a perimeter, with an azimuth mechanical scan (rotating) and elevation electrical scan (linear phased-array) that works in any weather. Counter-Drone Radar system's benefit lies in identifying all drones within range and then distinguishing whether the drone belongs to a friend or an enemy belonging to the appropriate force. Using radar features, low altitude, slow-flying targets, and small targets can be detected and tracked.

Range of Detection

3km - 3.5km
1km - 1.5km
1km - 1.5km


Detection Subsystem-360 Radar
Parameter Performance
Maximal Performance Envelope
Detection Range of small UAV (Phantom II) 3.5km
Accuracies (Elevation) 1 Degree
Coverage El 20o - 60o, AZ 360º
Transmit / Receive
Frequency Band X Band
Average Transmission Power 150 watts
TWS Accuracies
MDV 3 m/s
Azimuth 0.3o
Elevation 1o (50m @ 3km)
Weight 30kg
Cooling Method Passive only
Pan & Tilt Pedestal
Spatial Coverage Elevation: +/- 45º (Optional: +30º/-85º) Azimuth: full 360º continuous rotation
Stabilization Level Better than 40 μRad RMS per axis
Angular Velocities 1 Rad/sec in Az, 0.5 Rad/sec in El
Angular Report Accuracy ≤ 1mRad (1σ)
Modes of Operation Rate, Position, Automatic Video Tracker, BIT
Thermal Imaging
Spectral Range 3.0 - 5.0 μm
FLIR Detector Zoom, Focus, AGC On/Off, AGCROI, NUC Selection, NUC Calibration
Focal Length 20-250 mm | 20-720 mm
Lens Continuous Optical Zoom X 12.5 | Continuous Optical Zoom X 3 5
Fields of View Widest: 27ºx20.3º Narrowest: 2.2ºx1.7º E. Zoom (x2): 1.1ºx0.83º
Fields of View (2) Widest: 27ºx20.3º Narrowest: 0.8ºx0.6º E. Zoom (x2): 0.4ºx0.3º
Frequency Bands Ouput Power
  1. 2300-2500MHz - WiFi 11 b,g
  2. 5500-5900 MHz - WiFi 11.a
  3. 1570-1620 MHz - GPS L5 & Glonass L1
  4. Optional 433 MHz
  5. Optional 868/915 MHz ISM Band
  1. [50] W / [47] ±1.5dbm
  2. [50] W / [47] ±1.5dbm
  3. [40] W / [46] ±1.5dbm
  4. [40] W / [46] ±1.5dbm
  5. [40] W / [46] ±1.5dbm
Final spectral bands and power outputs shall be finalised upon completion of request
Total number of frequency bands 4 - 5 Bands
Modulation FM
Antennas 4-5 Omni High Gain Antennas

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