Counter-Drone RF System

The Counter-Drone RF system detects drone presence by analysing signaling channel and radio transmission. The system detects the control signal of the drone and alerts security forces of its presence.

The system activates the jamming system once it detects an unapproved drone. An excellent set of RF electronic Countermeasures surrounds the drone's protected perimeter 360° or 90° to disassociate it from its controlling signals and to make it either halt at the current location or move away from it.

This deployment method can be used when obstacles may block the radar's line of sight.

Range of Detection

1km - 1.5km
1km - 1.5km
Directional Antennas
Range:800 - 1000m
OMNI Antennas
Range:300 - 500m


Neutralisation System
Frequency Bands Output Power
  1. 1570-1620 MHz – GPS L5 & Glonass L1, Galileo
  2. 2300-2500 MHz – Wifi 11 b,g
  3. 5500-5900 MHz – Wifi 11.a
  1. [30] W / [44] ±1.5dbm
  2. [30] W / [44] ±1.5dbm
  3. [20] W / [43] ±1.5dbm
Final spectral bands and power outputs shall be finalised upon completion of request
Total power output Rate, Position, Automatic Video Tracker, BIT
Total number of frequency bands
Modulation 3.0 - 5.0 μm
ANTENNAS 3 Omni High Gain Antenna Zoom, Focus, AGC On/Off, AGCROI, NUC Selection, NUC Calibration
Protection VSWR protection • Overheat Protection: 75c cut-off operation • 71c resume of operation
Operational power 90 – 260 volts ac / 24 volts dc Internal Power Supply
Cooling Forced Air Cooling
Controls & Indicators On/Off switch & indicator, Optional: Central computerized Control
Mode of deployment Rapid Deployment/Mobile
Casing Pelican Casing (shock resistant)
Weight ~20kg depending on backup battery
Operating Temperature Range -15˚C to +75˚C
Relative Humidity 5% - 80% non-condensing
Detection Alerts SMS Notification ( language & template to be defined by the customer)
Responding time 10 sec after detection
FREQUENCY BANDS: RF SENSOR 2.4. WIFI links, Optional 5.8
  1. Antennas
  2. Dimensions
  3. Weight
  4. Gain
  1. 3 Omni High Gain Antennas
  2. 24 cm
  3. 140 Grm
  4. 6 dBi
Operational Power 90 – 260 volts ac / 24 volts dc I nternal Power Supply
Frequency Resolution 10 KHz, 25 KHz, 100 KHz, 1 KHz
Frequency Accuracy Better than 0.5 ppm
Synthesizer Setting Time Better than 3ms
Antenna input 50Ω VSWR – 2:1
Sensitivity, Overall Noise Figure -90dBm, typ. For SNR 10 db
Demodulation FM, CW
Demodulation Technique FFT
Gain Control 80 dB

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