GTS Counter-Drone System Overview

GTS Counter-Drone is a sophisticated system for securing airspace from unsolicited drones; blocking them from entering unauthorised airspace or landing on specific areas.

With the rapid growth of the use of mini and small drones, as well as recent technological advances, there is increased risk that these systems may be used for harmful or destructive purposes.

A Counter Drone uses either a radar or a radio frequency jamming signal to block unauthorised drones from accessing a protected site by Countermeasure 360 or 90 degrees around that area. Alerts are sent automatically to pre-programmed phone numbers and triggered alarms to alert security forces.

Every Counter-Drone system at GTS is custom developed in accordance with the clients directives, making the system easy to use and fast to activate and deploy.

Real World Threats

Unauthorised Flights

Unauthorised drones can impose a great threat around airports, endangering aircraft by entering flight paths.

Illegal Applications

Unauthorised drones may carry explosives, radioactive materials, firearms or other prohibited materials into undesirable zones.

Hostile Espionage

Unauthorised drones may be fitted with cameras to try and enable vision of private or secure areas.

Counter-Drone Solution Scenarios

  • Correctional Facilities
  • Airports
  • Government Buildings
  • Mega Events-Sports Stadiums
  • Large religious events and gatherings
  • Financial institutions
  • VIP and political speeches
  • VIP residence
  • Country and State borders

Software (optional)

A dedicated, configurable, user-friendly command and control software module is available with the following features:

  • Visualisation of Drone detection automatic alarm
  • Visualisation of the jammers operation upon topographic/zone maps.
  • A Selective operation for each band and each Jammer
  • Operation from distance computer by authorised user
  • Automatic failure Indication / communication failure
  • Ability to track and record Drone / Quadcoper
  • UAV movement
  • Operational language on demand

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