GTS-2000 Vehicular Mounted Wide RF Band High Power Jammer

TThe MC-2000 Vehicle Jammer is designed to prevent an attack by blocking all mobile communication by using Improvised Explosive Devices.

Real-World Applications

Presidential Guard
VIP Protection
Convoy Protection

Key GTS-2000 Features

  • Vehicle Mounted System for Convoy and VIP Protection
  • Blocking wide range of RCIED (Remote Control Improvised Explosive Devices) receivers using broadband transmitting equipment
  • Ultra Wide frequency coverage (20-6000) MHz
  • Various modulation types jamming capability
  • Easy Intuitive Operation
  • VSWR & Thermal protection
  • Overheat protection: 75˚c cut-off operation, 71˚c resume of operation
  • Antennas: Single Tactical Antenna
  • Power Consumption 25A at 24VDC, typical
  • Weight: approx.40-90Kg
  • Kit-set system integration
  • Optional: A Selective operation for each band.

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