GTS-4 Reactive Manpack RF Jammer

An all-weather all-compact backpack-style device that is lightweight, compact and portable, the GTS-4 is designed for the protection of bomb-disposal and military personnel against RCIEDs (remote controlled improvised explosive devices). Providing clients with a multitude of frequency coverage solutions to block popular VHF/UHF & Cellular communication frequencies.

It can simultaneously detect thousands of threats and is specifically designed to be highly responsive to VHF/UHF and DECT ‘bursts’ to establish effective blocking ranges.

Real-World Applications

Tactical Forces
SWAT Teams
Bomb Sqad

Key GTS-4 Features


The GTS-4 system is designed to meet today’s RCIED threats in current battlefield arena. It can instantaneously and simultaneously detect over thousands of threats and is specifically designed to be highly responsive in the face of VHF/UHF and DECT ‘bursts’ establishing an effective blocking range.
  • Portable, Man-Pack, Metal Casing with proprietary backpack setup
  • 5 wide spectral bands
  • Blocks all Cellular and SMS communication
  • Block all VHF/UHF communication
  • Wide frequency coverage (20-6000)MHz
  • Various modulation types jamming capability
  • Easy, intuitive operation
  • Reactive/Hybrid (combines benefit of both active and reactive modes) for low band and active jamming for high bands
  • Remote control for discrete operation
  • Antennas: 3 outlets with 3 Omni-directional whip antennas
  • Autonomous built-in test capability
  • Battery: Internal batteries to support 1.5 hour of operations in high power mode and able to operate off 12VDC vehicle battery
  • VSWR & thermal protection
  • Overheat protection: 75˚c shut-down/71˚c resume of operation
  • Weight: 25Kg with lithium ion batter

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