GTS-WT Tactical Cellular Jammer

In a small closed environment, such as conference rooms, labs, restaurants and coffee shops, the main goal of the GTS-WT Tactical Jammer is to block Cellular 3G/4G LTE communication.

VIP protection and law enforcement agencies often use the Jammer to halt cellular transmission in order to prevent bugging and interception. Unlike any other jammer the GTS-WT special design is small enough to be carried in a backpack or briefcase, completely hidden from the surroundings and without additional external antennas.

Real-World Applications

Meeting Rooms
Public Transport

Key GTS-W-T Features

  • Up to 5 Watts per band
  • Up to 7 Bands
  • Blocks all Cellular and SMS communication
  • Wide frequency coverage (700-6000)MHz
  • Easy, intuitive operation
  • Antennas: 1 High gain internal directional antennas.
  • Internal Battery: Li-Ion + Charger
  • Weight: approx. 4.5Kg

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