GTS Horizon - Battle Proven Reactive Anti-Drone/Quadcopter/Small UAV Jamming System

This multilayer, battle tested counter drone solution enables the following capabilities: RF detection, automatic alert, classification and neutralization. GTS Horizon can be installed on a vehicle, boat or any ship to protect against drones and UAV while on board.

GTS Horizon detects the presence of drones by analysing both the radio transmissions (the uplink and downlink) and signaling channels. After a drone has been detected, a neutralization system is triggered, deactivating the drone/quadcopter from any operations.

Mobile System Components

RF Sensor Detection

A multi band RF sensor able to detect civilian drone ina radius of up to 1500m

C2 Remote Control

Remote control C2 tablet that visualises protected area and location, jamming preset configuration, unit preset activation and real-time scanning status including type of detected drones.

SMS Notification

Automatic notification to preset mobile numbers via an internal modem. The system can also trigger alarms using siren and/or light


RF electronic countermeasures 360° or 90° around the protected sight blocking all civilian drones.

Key GTS Horizon Features


The main objective of the GTS Horizon D360 V3 is to create a an invisible barrier against civilian Drone /Quadcopter /UAV communication in order to prevent them from infiltrating sensitive location, secured compounds, Military bases etc. GTS Horizon can be utilised to protect a V.I.P against armful attack carried out by those systems.

  • Create an invisible dome of detection in a radius of up to 1.5km
  • Supports 2.4/5.8 and civilian drones Wi-Fi communication protocol
  • Create an invisible dome of neutralization in a radius of up to 500m, 360°
  • Create an invisible beacon of neutralization up to 1000m in 90°
  • Blocks common Civilian drone/Quadcopter/UAV bands simultaneously
  • Reactive Jamming System triggered by RF continuous aerial scanning
  • Upgradable threat library via LAN cable
  • Internal Modem for SMS notification and 3G/4G access
  • Mobile pelican outdoor casing water resistant
  • Overheat protection: 75˚c cease operation, 71˚c resume of operation
  • Operational Power: 90 – 260 12/24VDC
  • Weight: approx. 20kg

Confined parameter, Prisons, Military bases, Nuclear Facilities, Sensitive Locations, Borders, VIP Protection, Airports, Stadiums and more

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