GTS Enigma: Encrypted Cellular Communication

A secure mobile solution to keep your communication privacy from being monitored by network providers and by advanced system interceptors.

Key Features
  • Privacy: Secure end to end encrypted calls with Military grade encryption
  • Anonymity: Fresh random IMEI per demand
  • Security: Blocks access from WiFi and SIM data
  • Confidential CHAT: Secure encrypted text and multimedia
  • www-Anonymous: Anonymous TOR WEB browser
  • USB-Manager: Protects from USB spy injection

Advanced, military grade encryption capabilities

End-to-End Encrypted Calls
  • Secure encrypted end-to-end phone calls.
  • Strong random fresh unbreakable encryption key per call initiation.
  • Protected from call parties identification.
  • Protected from call tracking.
  • Protected from call eavesdropping.
Advanced Call Features
  • End-to-end encrypted conference calls.
  • Secured anonymous outgoing/incoming calls to/from regular phone numbers.
  • Anonymous caller-id virtual numbers from more than 50 countries and 200 regions.
  • Confidential contact list with real-time status availability.
Secured Network Connectivity
  • Monitoring mobile network connectivity.
  • Alerting on unsecured 2G network calls (Optional).
  • Forbidding calls on unsecured 2G network (Optional)
  • Automatically rerouting outgoing/incoming calls of selected confidential contacts, from the SIM mobile network to the secured encrypted channel.

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