Sii XR Thermal Camera

The Sii XR thermal camera is a cooled thermal camera designed to meet various ultra-long-range security and surveillance needs and meets maritime and industrial specifications. With a large selection of lens options, this thermal camera will meet all long-range requirements.

Sii XR Features

Long Range Optics

Cooled thermal cameras provide Johnson’s Criteria Detection beyond 20km.

Continuous Zoom Cameras

Innovative cooled continuous zoom thermal cameras with thermal autofocus provide extremely long range performance.

Advanced Imaging

Vumii’s proprietary image processing algorithms provide industry leading thermal image quality.

Rugged Design

Designed and certified to IP67, hot, cold, dusty, and other harsh environments

Video Output


Thermal Imager and Optics

Cooled 15μ 640 x 512: Continuous Zoom 19 – 275mm | Cooled 15μ 640 x 512: Continuous Zoom 15 – 300mm

General Camera Information


The Sii XR thermal camera has a cooled thermal core for high-sensitivity imaging.

It features a range of lens options designed for the 3-5µ infrared spectral range. The Sii XR is a standalone fixed thermal camera designed to meet various security and surveillance needs and conforms to maritime and industrial specifications.

  • Cooled Thermal Imaging Technology
  • Long-Range Continuous Zoom Optics
  • Autofocus
  • Ruggedized Design for Outdoor Applications
Available Configurations:
  • Continuous Zoom – 19-275mm
  • Continuous Zoom – 15-300mm
  • Continuous Zoom – 21-420mm
  • Continuous Zoom – 48.5-700mm
Why the Sii XR?

With ultra-long-range thermal optics, the Sii XR thermal camera can detect potential threats across a wide area and international frontiers. Contact us today for examples of how you can implement this solution into your project.


Imaging Charactistics
Imager Type Cooled
Resolution 640 x 512, 15μ (PAL/NTSC)
NETD less than 25° mK
Video Output Analog: PAL (25Hz), NTSC (30Hz) , 1.0V p-p, 75ohm
Video over TCP/IP : H264 NTSC/30fps ; PAL/25fps, 4CIF Digital: Camera link 16 bit
Continuous Zoom Lens 19-275mm 15-300mm 21-420mm 48.5-700mm
Horizontal Field of View 29.8° – 2.0° 35.1° – 1.8° 25.1° – 1.3° 11.9°- 0.8°
Electro-Mechanical Characteristics CZ275 CZ300 CZ420 CZ700
Unit Dimensions (L)x(W)x(H) 340mm x 205mm x 202mm (13.3” x 8” x 7.9”) 340mm x 205mm x 202mm (13.3” x 8” x 7.9”) 384mm x 205mm x 202mm (15” x 8” x 7.9”) 420mm x 205mm x 202mm (15” x 8” x 7.9”)
Unit Weight 6.7 Kg (14.7 lbs) 7.2 Kg (15.8 lbs) 8.0 Kg (17.6 lbs) 8.5 Kg (18.7 lbs)
Environmental Rating IP67 IP67 IP67 IP67
Certifications CE, FCC
Power Input 18VDC-32VDC
Power Consumption 24 Watt Typical, Max. 80 Watt during heaters operation
Operating Temperature F#5.5 -40°C to +60°C F#4.0 -40°C to +60°C F#4.0 -20°C to +60°C F#5.5 -40°C to +60°C
Storage temperature –40°C to +70°C
Storage temperature –40°C to +70°C
Humidity +40°C , 93% RH
Communication Protocol Pelco-D, Opgal, TCP/IP
Control Interface Serial: RS422/232, TCP/IP (Cooled versions only)
Control Features Zoom, Focus, Polarity, NUC, Digital Zoom

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