Sii XRU Thermal Camera

The Sii XRU thermal camera is one of the longest-range uncooled thermal imagers on the market, featuring a 25-225 continuous zoom lens with autofocus. This thermal camera is available as a standalone long-range thermal camera that integrates simply with other systems.

Sii XRU Features

Long Range Optics

This uncooled thermal camera provides Johnson’s Criteria Detection beyond 15km.

Continuous Zoom Lens

A 25-225mm thermal lens provides maximum situational awareness, and 24/7 threat assessment.

Advanced Imaging

Vumii’s proprietary image processing algorithms provide industry leading thermal image quality.

Rugged Design

The Sii XRU’s rugged design is certified to IP66, and is protected against hot, cold, dusty, and other harsh or industrial environments.

Continous Zoom Optics


Thermal Imager and Optics

Uncooled 17μ 640×480

General Camera Information


The Sii XRU thermal camera has one of the most extended ranges on the market for uncooled thermal technology.

It uses a unique 25-225mm continuous zoom autofocus lens and offers human detection at up to 6.8km. This unique configuration can be a suitable alternative to cooled thermal technology as it requires little or no maintenance.

  • Long-Range Performance
  • 25-225mm Continuous Zoom Lens with Autofocus
  • Ruggedized for All Weather Conditions
  • Low Cost of Ownership
Available Configurations:
  • Continuous zoom 25 – 225mm
  • Detector & Resolution (RS170/CCIR):
Why the Sii XRU?

The Sii XRU allows for long-range detection in remote locations where regular maintenance is difficult. This unique thermal camera uses high-sensitivity uncooled thermal sensors to optimize the detection of objects at a distance. It is ideal for detecting potential threats across a wide area, gas pipelines, international frontiers, etc. Contact us today for examples of applications and how you can implement this technology into your project.


Imaging Charactistics
Imager Type Uncooled 17µ Microbolometer 8-14µ
Resolution 17µ: 640 x 480
Sensitivity NETD: less than 50° mK
Video Output RS-170 (30Hz) / CCIR (25Hz)
VIdeo Format Composite Video 30Hz
Imager Features Autofocus on demand, polarity, NUC, image flip, manual gain level, optical & digital zoom.
Continuous Zoom Lenses CZ 25 – 225mm: 24.5° – 2.8° HFOV
Unit Weight & Dimensions 10kg (22 lbs) | 400mm (L) X 250mm (H) X 235mm (W)
Environmental Rating IP66
Power Input 12 – 32VDC
Power Consumption 30w Typical; 130w Max
Operating Temperature -40°C to +60°C (-40°F° to 140°F)
Communication RS-422/RS-485 TCP/IP

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